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Find Your Net provides a multitude of website templates to choose from for all of its members. You can view these below. Make sure you click on the image to view an actual preview, as these templates often get updated and modified to improve user experience.

Here at Find Your Net we want to offer as much variety of websites as we can. All those websites can be modified with your company's content, scheme color, background and layout selections. You will be able to modify the menu and select which features you want to appear on the home page. We are constantly adding new templates and improving the features on the existing ones, so if you are looking for a new look, keep coming back here to see if this page has been updated.

Once you sign up with Find Your Net, we will give you a subdomain at Find Your Net and connect it to a template. If you wish, you can obtain an actual domain from one of many domain name providers online.

Note that once you become a member of Find Your Net, you will be able to pick any template available to our members. You will also be able to change the template to another one, whenever you want and as often as you want. And all of this can be achieved with a single click of a button.

Note that each sample is presented with 10 scheme colors and 10 backgrounds. This does not mean that these are the only colors and backgrounds available for this template. We have hundreds of backgrounds you can pick from to full personalize your website to your needs.

Finally, note that each template is responsive. This means that the website will resize depending on the size of the website browser. So try and make the browser smaller, or even better, preview the website on a mobile device. Each website is built to recognize mobile device, and will give you an option to automatically call the company or send an email with one click of the button. How awesome is that?

Free Website Template

Template 01

Back to the basics - this website template introduces a simple layout with vertical side menu. Ajax driven - dynamically loaded pages populate to the height of the side menu itself. Any content that is too long will have a presentable scroller applied to it. Home page introduces the company image and as much description of the company as the page can fit. If description is too long - which often times it is, there will be a ling to "About" page, so no worry - all the information is displayed here again. Company name is presented in the upper right - white on red. Upper left side of the website is reserved for the user login information. Driving School's office hours are presented constantly in the footer section that nicely balances itself with the company name section up in the header.

Free Website Template

Template 02

I personally like this template a lot. It introduces the main company information in the header where it always stays, regardless of what page you are viewing. Menu consists of two level text that is presented neatly on the page. Reddish gradient is used for selected pages, which pops nicely as it is important to know what you are viewing at the time. Company name is written in a simple font up over the main page wrapper. Main background consists of three levels - top level, used for the company name, middle level, which flows neatly with the company image in the header, and bottom gradient that envelopes the rest of the page. Notice also a pretty left and right transparent borders that add a static glow to the website.

Free Website Template

Template 03

Wow, this one is for apple lovers! If you like simplicity - you will love this template. Starting with the white border on top that casts growing shadow in the cente of the website. Then you have the company name. This is nicely done with a shadow effect applied to the font. Background itself is a nice touch of gray texture - very similar to the one used on apple's website. Menu has two levels of text - originally without any background; selected page illuminates with white background and blue text - quite simple. It also drops shadow, a little thinner this time. Header is placed below the menu together with company image that also drops shadow. A lot of shadows... Finally bottom of the page is almost an identical reflection of the top, with one exception where the white border becomes a footer with company's copyright information.

Free Website Template

Template 04

One unlike the others. This is the first website where gradient is being used on the logo - that's right, name your company, rename your company, the change will be automatically applied with the gradient on the text. Font used here is Impact, which is a great font for headings and logos. Following the logo you have a menu - all css, zero images. Shadow applied to an active menu element and hovers. After that, you have the already familiar company information section, but note the background - beautiful dark wood that floats perfectly with all the other colors on the website. My suggestion for company image with this website to be black and white to maintain the authenticity of the vibe that this website gives off, or... or something very bright, such as bright red, or blue or green, that would put itself on the distance - similarly to those images where everything is black and white, and only one part is in color.

Free Website Template

Template 05

First template from the Mondays series. If you are not sure what Monday series are, you may want to go on and read our blog post: New Template Every Monday. We're using dark brown colors on the yellow side. Including color fade for the company name and a cool little font to make the whole template appear nice and professional at the same time. Main background has a flowery look, but doesn't pop as such, and tiles in nicely, blending into the great brown package. Then there's the transparent gray background for the inner section of the website. And finally, the menu is using a yellow gradient that matches the company name (although in reverse - for reflective effect). Yellow and brown colors are repeated throughout the entire template.

Free Website Template

Template 06

Second template from the Mondays series. If you are not sure what Monday series are, you may want to go on and read our blog post: New Template Every Monday. First thing that pops in your face is how your logo is mounted on this template. It is loaded as a part of the laptop screen. This appears to load perfectly with the default logo size. We're using grayscale colors with the center glow. Including color fade for the company name once again along with a light shadow to make the company name appear clean but stand out at the same time. Menu is positioned on top of the website. Darker colors make it impossible not to notice that the menu is right there. Menu can grow from right to left, however this theme appears better with less elements. Perfect for all of those new startup companies out there!

Free Website Template

Template Extra

Are you not satisfied with the current selection? You have two choices - mainly, either bear with us and see what else is being added. If you were not aware of it, keep it in mind that new templates are added constantly and that you can change your template anytime. It takes one click in your administator to completely change the look of your website. Awesome? Yes, we know. Here's option number two: suggest a new temlate. If you have found something amazing, that you would like implemented - share it with us. If we like it as much as you do, we will put it ahead of our ideas in the queue and we will build it as soon as we can. This is an amazing offer. Each template is built by a team of professionals, and usually costs about $600 or more to implement. But you get it for free. Note that this offer will expire January 1st, 2013 and it will be removed from this section. So act now, register for an account, use one of the existing template, and if you find something great, let us build it for you!

More Website Template

Still Want More?

Want to be unique? We understand that. All above options may be greate considering the low price, however they leave a slight chance that one of your competitors will end up with the same design. Of course you can always switch them around, but you may always want more. For the price of $150, our team will convert your existing design into one of the templates, however this template will be privately owned by you. If you already have a decent website and want to stick to the design, and under no circumstances do you want others to use that design, this may be an option for you. If you do not have a template in mind, we can also help you find one, or build one for you from scratch at an additional charge. This service is available strictly for our existing customers and the template is not transferrable elsewhere. If you are interested in joining us and having you website rebuilt in our system, register for an account and consult your adviser.

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Frequent Questions

Can you build a template for me?

There isn't a simple answer for this, but lets start with the following statement: any template that is built for Find Your Net website can be used by all Find Your Net users as they wish.  So, if you are looking for a unique template, and wish to keep the design to yourself, we cannot help you.  You may want to send such request to our parent website at  However, if you have a design of your own, and you don't mind sharing it, you can send it to us and we can review its compatibility.  If the template is compatible with our framework and is approved by company owner, we can build this template free of charge and link you to it.  Note that this would mean that anybody else who is hosted by Find Your Net will be able to chose this template for their website as well.

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